MTS/MA Curriculum

Students will apply to each program for admission separately, and if accepted to both programs will fulfill the requirements of the programs in parallel. However, faculty members in the MA-Bioethics Program and the MTS program are both committed strongly to the notion that a dual degree program should not simply be an “additive” curriculum, where interested students take courses in each discipline as though the degrees were simply pursued consecutively, or a “substituted” curriculum, where courses in one program count for requirements in another so that students can complete both degrees in a reduced time frame. (Although students will be able to complete both degrees in 4 semesters, rather than the 7 it would take otherwise.)

Rather, a dual degree program should be value enhancing from the perspectives of stakeholders of both programs. For this particular dual degree, we contend that understanding the theological foundations of many moral commitments and reflecting critically on the way faith traditions construct the value-rich concepts of life, death, and agency will serve as this value-added basis for the dual degree program.  In addition to the content-enriching features, students will also have the opportunity to compare and contrast skills involved in bioethical analysis with those specific to theological texts and issues. Through a joint commitment to the process of critical reflection, faculty will instruct students on both the discourse-specific methodologies and the points of commonality among the two fields of scholarship. We have designed the proposed curriculum to reflect this commitment; in addition to other requirements, students must take a research design and methods course that is specific to their area of inquiry.

While individual course plans may vary, the table below lists the general curricular requirments:

MA-Bioethics Requirements

MTS Requirements

3 hrs BIOETH 501

0 hrs MTS 505

3 hrs BIOETH 502

3 hrs World Religions Course (MRTE Core)

3 hrs BIOETH 503

3 hrs ES 501 (MRTE Core)

1 hr BIOETH 504 (taken twice)

3 hrs ES 651 (MRTE Core)

3 hrs BIOETH 599R (thesis)

3 hrs Biblical Ethics

10 hrs electives

3 hrs Research Methods Seminar (MTS 520T/MTS 520M)

9 hrs electives (including 6 hrs HST Core)

Shared Hours

4 hrs BIOETH 601 (practicum) = Professional Elective for MTS

3 hrs Interdisciplinary Seminar