Timothy Archibald ECHOLILIA


Timothy Archibald, celebrated San Francisco based commercial photographer, struggled to
connect with his five-year old firstborn, Eli—the tension in their home was palpable—until
Timothy started looking at his son through his camera. Together, the two orchestrated a
portrait series that depicts dreamy, intimate images not only of Eli but of childhood itself,
riddled as it is with mystery and fantasy.  In doing so, Archibald documents the burgeoning
of a newly charted relationship with his son.  Through their creative collaboration,
empowerment came to both Timothy and Eli.  Timothy found a way to dial-in to Eli's
different channel, thereby breaching the previously challenging obstacle posed by his son's
autistic proclivities.  And Eli found a powerful mirror both of his robust, imaginative
childhood and his renewed bond with his dad.

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