Dr. James Fowler Ethics Fund


The trajectory of Emory University’s Center for Ethics was shaped by the vision of Dr. James W. Fowler III (1940-2015) who lived a life of scholarship, faith, service, and moral courage. Jim’s concepts and practices guided the growth of a vibrant Center, recognized nationally and internationally for its faculty, research and scholarship, and leadership in many fields of ethics.

The Fowler Fund was created to honor Jim’s vision and engage others in sparking moral imagination and courage within the Emory community and beyond. The Fowler Fund has two parts: an expendable portion to support activities that inform and activate new scholarship, engagement, and programs that imagine moral courage for today; and an endowed portion that will provide long-term sustainable support of initiatives that will continue to inspire and strengthen core ethical principles as we go forward.

The Fund was created by Jim’s family and friends to honor his foundational work and leadership. His keen insights still guide us today as shown by the following excerpt from an Ethics Center Newsletter in 2000:

“We discover our human purpose and are most deeply fulfilled when we shape a way to use our talents and opportunities, our relations and roles, to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of all life on this globe. There is a role in such a purpose for each of us in which our gifts and abilities intersect with the needs and challenges of Life, with a capital L. We are called to offer ourselves as agents of deep reconciliation and rectification. If we do so we can be part of the healing and transformation to which we are called in this new millennium. We must come to see ourselves as entwined in a living web of life. We must accept that we really don’t have a choice about making a difference. The only choice is what kind of a difference we will make.”

Jim’s legacy of scholarship and action on faith and moral engagement will live on and expand through the Fowler Fund, allowing the Ethics Center to explore creative ways his work can be rediscovered and translated into action in these demanding times. This initiative invites us all to share in deeply transformational work and make a positive difference in this world that we share.



To make a gift in memory of Dr. Fowler, visit the Center's online giving page. Both the James Fowler Endowment Fund and Jame Fowler Gift Fund are listed there.

For more information and guidance on how to contribute to the Fowler Fund, please contact Kathy Kinlaw at kkinlaw@emory.edu or Jennifer Harris at jennifer.harris@emory.edu.