Student Testimonials

Hear from our former EASL Forum students and/or Servant Leader Summer Interns about their experience in EASL.

Milenka Jean - BaptisteMilenka Jean - Baptiste, EASL Summer Leader Intern '13

Edmund XuEdmund Xu, EASL Summer Leader Intern'13

Khatdija MeghaniKhatdija Meghani, EASL Summer Leader Intern '13

Conrad Charleston HonickerConrad Charleston Honicker, EASL Summer Leader Intern '13

Blair TrygstadBlair Trygstad, EASL Graduate Assistant Summer Leader Intern '13

Video, EASL Summer Servant Leader Interns '11


Lindsay Zausmer, EASL Forum 2005 - 2006; Servant Leader Summer Intern '08

I visited the Center for Ethics while still a senior in high school.  At that point, a new passion was ignited within me and I knew that I would pursue everything that EASL had to offer.  During the intervening years, I moved from being a wide-eyed freshman, absorbing all that I could in the EASL Forum to a more thoughtful, responsible senior taking part in the EASL Summer Internship developing policy materials and educational events for the Ethics Committee at Piedmont Hospital. I consider myself fortunate to have participated in such an active learning environment and it enriched my experience at Emory tremendously. My time spent with EASL, along with my minor in Ethics (and courses with Dr. Queen), equipped to enter the “real world” and pursue my passion in health care ethics.

Paige Jackson, EASL Forum 2006 - 2007; Servant Leader Summer Intern '07

Participating in two EASL programs and competing on Emory’s Ethics Bowl team, made me a more motivated and reflective individual.  The EASL Forum enabled me to clearly speak and share my ideas with others.  Although unsure how my personal growth would help me transition into a career, I increasingly discovered that I could use the talents I had discovered and developed through the EASL Program, particularly during my internship at the Villages of East Lake, to pursue something meaningful to me. Choosing to become a participant in the EASL Program was perhaps the best decision regarding my future that I had ever made.

Abby Arganese, Servant Leader Summer Intern '06

My involvement with the Emory Center for Ethics began when I took Professor Edward Queen’s “Religion and Human Rights” course.  The course got me thinking about the relationship between my academic work and violence and conflict.  My participation in the summer Ethics and Servant Leadership program gave me the chance to connect these concerns through an internship at CARE, one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations.  The program’s format encouraged participants to translate what we learned in the classroom to practice at our internships.  It also provided a supportive environment in which I could share my successes and failures and learn from the experiences of my peers.  Finally, the EASL program strengthened my commitment to service and also furthered my professional goals by leading to a job offer from CARE at the completion of my internship.

Jolyn Taylor, Servant Leader Summer Intern '05

My experience with EASL proved incredibly motivating and eye-opening.  My internship at St. Joseph's Mercy Care allowed me to work with healthcare professionals passionate about providing high quality care for the underserved of Atlanta.  It also brought me into contact with the patients themselves.  These individuals shared with me their struggles to maintain their health while fighting against the challenges presented by impoverishment and lack of health insurance.  The EASL internship ignited my passion for working with underserved populations in a healthcare setting and greatly influenced my selection of medical school and decision to dedicate myself to providing healthcare to the uninsured. Undoubtedly, EASL, the Center for Ethics, and the outstanding faculty and staff who make up both guided my career course in the best possible way!

Images photographed by Jihoon Lee.