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Artist Statement

“My art makes social commentary about black life and black identity. I explore all aspects of black life in America from the nostalgic reverence of small town, southern life to the societal forces that shape modern urban life across the country. My work features black figures as the main characters in the narratives. Kerry James Marshall often talks about there being a power in seeing the black figures as stars where they are not often seen. My aim is to create a new kind of propaganda to spread messages that speak to all aspects of black life.”

tell'em we don't die

­­Tell ‘em We Don’t Die features works created by Jamaal Barber and was curated by Ethics & the Arts Director, Carlton Mackey. It explores Black identity through the lens of resistance and resilience.  The title of the show as well as the topics it explores, ranging from the erasure of Black humanity via racial profiling to the proclamation of Black beauty, speak to the constant tension of Black people and other communities to forge identity simultaneously out of struggle and self-love. 

This exhibit is compiled primarily of work from the following collections: Bright Black, a series of woodcut prints that illustrate and celebrate various themes of the black experience in America; and Identity Series, woodcut portraits showing the struggle of keeping Black identity in America.

This exhibit is part of the Ethics and the Arts exhibit series at the Center for Ethics. It will be on display until December 14, 2018.

Center for Ethics Art Gallery

The Ethics & the Arts Initiative of the Center for Ethics presents insights about understanding ethics by inspiring conversations and motivating action through various forms of artistic expression. The visual arts installations range in medium. Artists are selected because their art engages controversial social issues in provocative ways. The works tell stories of human struggle and triumph. The Center for Ethics Art Gallery also allows visitors to engage with the artist through artist talks. Join us in interacting with these works of art to better grasp the meaning that informs their creation.