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Global Growers
Global Growers

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Artist Statement

“I want to use my photographs of Global Growers to reframe the popular images of refugees. I want to challenge people’s perceptions of who refugees are, what refugee families are like, where they are from, their impact on the local economy, and what they grow. I want to change the popular perception of a refugee in a positive way and I believe that I and the Emory students working with me, can do this through photography.”


Ross Oscar Knight
Global growers
Global Growers is an independent nonprofit based in Atlanta, GA dedicated to increasing the number of food producers, preparing farmers to be competitive in local marketplaces, and creating access to healthy and sustainably-grown food.
Center for Ethics Art Gallery

The Ethics & the Arts Initiative of the Center for Ethics presents insights about understanding ethics by inspiring conversations and motivating action through various forms of artistic expression. The visual arts installations range in medium. Artists are selected because their art engages controversial social issues in provocative ways. The works tell stories of human struggle and triumph. The Center for Ethics Art Gallery also allows visitors to engage with the artist through artist talks. Join us in interacting with these works of art to better grasp the meaning that informs their creation.