Southwest Airlines Art & Social Engagement Project

Thanks to a partnership with Southwest Airlines, Emory University students have the opportunity to work directly with local artists and community groups in Atlanta to learn about ethically engaged art and improve the city around them.

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SW 201617 Project

Film, Media, & the Art of Social Change

Instructors: Carlton Mackey, Center for Ethics and Department of Film and Media Studies; Edward L. Queen, Center for Ethics

Overview: Collaborating with leading Atlanta-area filmmakers, photographers, and community nonprofit organizations, creative undergraduates produce and learn about socially-engaged art. Engaging art in all its forms, the course is designed to support meaningful educational and communal experiences.

In the Fall of 2016, the groups were as follows:

Course description: Students explore the role of film and media in addressing major social issues. Class sessions first push students to engage with the topic of art and social engagement. Students then pair off into teams to work with local artists and nonprofits, producing films, blogs, websites, and other forms of media. The course is part of the Center for Ethics’ Southwest Airlines Art and Social Engagement Program.

Featured Story: Fall courses offer fresh perspectives on high-profile issues

“This program is unique and it directly highlights Southwest Airlines’ commitment to social issues that affect the communities we serve. Our partnership with Emory University can, through visual art, creatively display the importance of recognizing Atlanta’s social issues and challenges.” -Quinnie Jenkins-Rice, Regional Leader of Community Affairs & Grassroots at Southwest Airlines


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