Southwest Airlines Art & Social Engagement Project


The 2018 Southwest Airlines Art and Social Engagement Projects include student documentaries produced alongside Atlanta filmmakers Melissa Alexander and Tara Olayeye in partnership with non-profit partners First Step Staffing and G.E.E.A.R.S as well as an art exhibit produced with Atlanta printmaker Jamaal Barber in partnership with non-profit Second Helpings.

The projects are produced by the students in the Southwest Airlines Art and Social Engagement Project’s “Film, Media, and the Art of Social Change” course, offered by the Film and Media Studies Department and Visual Arts in conjunction with Atlanta-area artists.  Taught by Ethics & the Arts Program director Carlton Mackey and Ethics and Servant Leadership (EASL) Program director Dr. Edward Queen, the project and course give Emory University students an opportunity to work directly with Atlanta artists and non-profits to learn about ethically engaged art and improve the city around them.

Final Projects:

First Step Staffing


Second Helpings Atlanta