E2P2: Ethics & Engaged Professionalism Project

Who We Are

E2P2 arms professionals of all types and experience levels with a toolkit for engaged professionalism by offering training and educational programming within the following spheres of focus: professionalism, ethics, leadership, legislative advocacy, and community-engaged advocacy. This is done from the perspective of both the professional and the community in which the professional lives and works.


Vision statement:

The Ethics and Engaged Professionalism Project (E2P2) will train and mentor learners and active professionals in developing the values, knowledge and skills necessary to serve in leading positive and collaborative change within the communities where they work and live.

All professionals will engage collaboratively to improve their communities and the lives of those who live there.


Goals & Objectives:

To facilitate awareness between professionals and the communities that they serve in There are a number of projects both ongoing and in development under our E2P2 umbrella. While our initiatives may be rooted in one area of focus, all involve cross-cutting issues with an emphasis on personal development and community impact.


Collaborators and Partners