Organizational & Corporate Ethics Pillar

In a world of multi-national corporate commerce and the interdependency of international non-governmental organizations, corporate responsibility, reflective and intentional institutional service, and collaborative solutions to global problems become imperative. Corporations are focusing more closely on human rights, sustainability, community engagement, and other socially responsible approaches to their work.  The ethical challenges are not simple; organizations must struggle with the needs of multiple stakeholders, regional social and cultural differences, and pressing economic and political realities.  The Organizational & Corporate Ethics Pillar focuses on for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and includes collaboration with the Goizueta School of Business and Atlanta-based corporations and NGOs.


Water as an Ethical Medium Across the Disciplines

The Water as an Ethical Medium course was conceived by the Emory University Center for
Ethics in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. The interdisciplinary team members—
including graduate scholars from anthropology, international studies, philosophy, public
health, sociology, law and theology—spent the semester working toward a shared language
and set of ethical guidelines for understanding social aspects of sustainable development
with respect to water projects. This White Paper traces the evolution of our thoughts on
sustainability, ethics, and local relevance over the course of the Spring 2012 semester. We
see our interdisciplinary methods and emphasis on local/social relevance as providing some
value to The Coca-Cola Company’s ongoing conversations regarding sustainability, health,
public perception and human rights.