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COVID-19 Pandemic Resources
Center for Ethics faculty members are hard at work, weighing in on ethics guidance, providing comments on moral and ethical issues and speaking to leaders around the county on the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a list of our contributions:  


When Resources are Limited, What Would an Ethicist Do (video below)
Paul Root Wolpe, Director of the Center for Ethics and President of the Association of Bioethics Program Directors
Kathy Kinlaw, Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Chief Clinical Ethicist at Emory
Moderated by John Banja, Medical Ethicist, Center for Ethics and Professor, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine

USA Today: To find a coronavirus vaccine, can we ethically infect people with a disease with no cure? (Paul Root Wolpe)

NETEC Webinar Series: Ethical Issues in Pandemic Response - Triage and Beyond (Kathy Kinlaw) 

The Hill: We need a better understanding of the human costs of our containment efforts for COVID-19 (Jim Lavery)

The Hill: What do we have to lose with hydroxychloroquine? Evidence that might save lives. (Jim Lavery)

Georgia Public Broadcasting - On Second Thought: Under Strain Of Limited Resources, The Ethics And Emotional Impact Of Triage Decisions (Kathy Kinlaw)

Georgia Public Broadcasting - Political Rewind: The Anatomy Of A Decision April 16 (Paul Root Wolpe) 

CNN Espanol: La pandemia coronavirus plantea problemas éticos para los médicos (Paul Root Wolpe) The coronavirus pandemic poses ethical problems for doctors

World Economic Forum: 3 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During – and after – COVID-19 (Karen Rommelfanger)

WebMD: How Do You Choose Who Gets a Ventilator? (Paul Root Wolpe)

Neurology Today: COVID-19: Prepare for Care-Rationing - Know Your Hospital Policies (Paul Root Wolpe)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia doctors plan for wrenching choices amid slim ventilator supply (Kathy Kinlaw)

Healthcare Ethics Consortium HEC COVID-19 Ethics Guidance Information
Reference material (also included in the link above)
- CDC Ethical Guidelines in Pandemic Influenza (2007, Kathy Kinlaw)
- CDC Ethical Considerations for Allocating Ventilators (2011, Kathy Kinlaw)

Jim Lavery, Global Ethics - COVID-19 "What We Fear" (below)

Grand Rounds “Give me liberty, or give me…disease control" (Jim Lavery)

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network: Cardiothoracic Surgeons in Pandemics: Ethical Considerations (Kathy Kinlaw) 

Washington Post: New York’s bioethics experts prepare for a wave of difficult decisions (Paul Root Wolpe)

Oregon Humanities Center: Ethical Challenges of the COVID Pandemic (Paul Root Wolpe) May 14 

Technology Association of GeorgiaEthics and Adversarial AI (Paul Root Wolpe) May 14

Leadership Atlanta Conference: How will 5Gl Change the Way We Live and Work Post Pandemic? (Presentation: “Just because we can, the real question is….SHOULD WE?” Paul Root Wolpe) May 19

World Economic Forum: A Paradigm Shift in Technology and Mental Health (Karen Rommelfanger) May 13

Consulate General of Israel - virtual seminar: Ethical Challenges in the COVID-19 Pandemic (Paul Root Wolpe) April 30

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