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Refereed Journals
1. Gidron B, Katz S, Meyer M, Hasenfeld Y, Schwartz R, Crane JK.  “Peace and Conflict Resolution Organizations in Three Protracted Conflicts: Structures, Resources and Ideology.”  Voluntas.  10/4 (2000):275-298.
2. Crane JK.  “Because...: Justifying Law / Rationalizing Ethics.”  The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics.  55/1 (2005):55-77.
3. Crane JK.  “On Obedience in Spinoza’s Theological-Political Treatise.”  ARC. The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University.  34 (2006):239-250.
4. Crane JK.  “Faltering Dialogue?  Religious Rhetoric of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Buber.”  Anasakti Darshan: international journal of nonviolence-in-action.  3/1 (2007):34-52.
5. Crane JK.  “Why Rights?  Why Me?”  Journal of Religious Ethics.  35/4 (2007):551-581.
6. Crane JK.  “Jews Burying Gentiles.”  The Review of Rabbinic Judaism.  X/2 (2007):145-161.
7. Crane JK, Kadane JB.  “Seeing Things: The Internet, the Talmud and Anais Nin.”  The Review of Rabbinic Judaism.  XI/2 (2008):342-345.
8. Crane JK.  “Na’aseh v’Nishmah: For Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz.”  CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly.  Fall (2009):21-25.
9. Crane JK.  “Defining the Unspeakable: Incitement in Halakhah and Anglo-American Jurisprudence.”  Journal of Law and Religion.  XXV/2 (2009-2010):329-356.
10. Crane JK.  “Shameful Ambivalences: Dimensions of Rabbinic Shame.”  AJS Review: The Journal of the Association for Jewish Studies.  35/1(Spring 2011):Forthcoming.
11. Crane JK.  “Torture: Judaic Twists.”  Journal of Law and Religion.  XXVI/2 (2010-2011):Forthcoming.
12. Crane JK.  “Perspectives on Torture: Reports from a Dialogue Including Christian, Judaic, Islamic and Feminist Viewpoints.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.  Forthcoming.
13. Crane JK.  “Torturous Ambivalence: Judaic Struggles with Torture.”  Journal of Religious Ethics.  Forthcoming.

Book Chapters
1. Crane JK.  “Stages of Man.”  The Still Small Voice: reflections on being a Jewish man, 99-104.  Edited by Michael Holzman.  New York: Union for Reform Judaism Press.  2007.
2. Crane JK.  “With a Mighty Hand: A Judaic Perspective on the Ethics of Modern Armed Conflict.”  In Enemy Combatants, Terrorism, and Armed Conflict Law: A Guide to the Issues, 184-206.  Praeger Security International series.  Edited by David Linnan.  Westport: Praeger.  2008.
3. Crane JK.  “Open Source Covenant.”  Jewish Theology In Our Time: A New Generation Explores the Foundations & Future of Jewish Belief, 43-49.  Edited by Elliot Cosgrove.  Woodstock: Jewish Lights Publication.  2010.
4. Crane JK.  “Ethics of Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig and Martin Buber.”  Oxford Handbook of Jewish Ethics and Morality.  Dorff E, Crane JK, editors.  New York: Oxford University Press.  Forthcoming in 2011.

Book Reviews
1. Samantha Power.  A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide (New York: Perennial, 2002).  CCAR Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly.  53/4 (2006):87-90.
2. Lenn Goodman.  Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself (New York: Oxford University Press, 2007).  The Journal of Religion.  Forthcoming.
3. Sol Roth. The Jewish Idea of Ethics and Morality: A Covenantal Perspective (New York: Yeshiva University Press, 2007).  The Journal of Religion.  Forthcoming.