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Research ethics education
Eisen, A. The Dual-Use Dilemma in Biological Research.  Ethical issues in biodefense for basic researchers, Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infections, 2005 . Online module

Eisen, A. and Parker, K., A model for teaching research ethics, Sci and Eng Ethics, 10(4):693-704, 2004. Abstract  Full Text

Eisen, A. and Berry, R., Ethics education for research scientists: Bioscience comes of ethical age, American Journal of Bioethics 2(4), 38-49, 2002. ** Honorable Mention: 2005 Johnson Award for Best Paper in Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector. Abstract  Full Text

Science and religion
Eisen, A., and D. Westmoreland, ‘Teaching Science, With Faith in Mind’ in The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 1, 2009.  Full Text

Eisen, A., ‘The Double Helix,’ a regular column, including ideas as well and book and movie reviews, on science and religion in the magazine, 2008- Column Links

Eisen, A. and G. Laderman (eds.).  Science, Religion, and Society:  An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy.  ME Sharpe, 2007. Summary

Eisen, A., The Challenge of Spirituality in the Clinic: Symptom of a Larger Syndrome, American Journal of Bioethics, 2007 July;7(7):12-13. Full Text

Eisen, A. and Laderman, G., Bridging ‘the two cultures’: A comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning science in societal context, J. Coll. Sci. Teaching 35, 26, 2005.  Abstract Full Text

Eisen, A.  “The Human Genome Project,” in Encyclopedia of Religion and American Cultures, Laderman, G. and Leon L., eds., ABC-CLIO, 2003.

Sustainability and the environment
Eisen, A., A. Hall, T.S. Lee, J. Zupko, Teaching Water: Connecting across disciplines and into daily life to address complex societal issues.  College Teaching, 57(2), 99-104, 2009.  Full Text

Eisen, A. and Barlett, P. The Piedmont Project: Fostering Faculty Development Toward Sustainability. Journal of Environmental Education 38(1), 25-36, 2006.  Abstract  Full Text

Barlett, P. and Eisen, A. A comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to address sustainability and the environment at Emory, in Teaching Sustainability at Universities: Toward Curriculum Greening, vol. 11 of the series Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability, Peter Lang Scientific, 2003.

Teaching other complex issues: addiction, depression, race

Eisen, A., H. Kushner, M. McLeod, E. Queen, J. Gordon, J.L. Ford, An integrated approach to addressing addiction and depression in college students, Jan/Feb 2009, Vol. 57 Issue 4, p 455-456, Journal of American College Health, 2009.  Abstract  Full Text

Eisen, A., Cimino, A., Aparicio, H., Marsteller, P., Kushner, H., Race and science: using a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to address complex issues, College Teaching 51(2), 46-51, 2003. Abstract Full Text

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