The Renaissance Academy at the Center for Ethics (TRACE) Summer Program

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Spend four weeks in Italy to earn an experiential learning Certificate in Ethics with a focus in bioethics, medicine, and the humanities. This four-week program is a unique cross-university program abroad open to all Emory students at all levels of study. During the Summer in Italy program, you will travel to more than 30 different cities and visit more than 70 cultural sites, experienced through an interdisciplinary immersion in the art, culture, politics, religion, philosophy, and medicine of Western culture and history.

Participants engage in cross-disciplinary inquiry with an array of faculty scholars from Emory as well as established local and international professionals. Engaging scholars in settings ranging from museums to historical orphanages to palaces to countryside allows for a transformative, place-based, experiential learning opportunity. The course also challenges students to think through enduring ethical principles, to develop critical thinking and, through their own digital scholarship, to contribute to our general repository of knowledge.

The course incorporates an additional integrated theme of Medicine, Compassion, and the Arts. Students explore the history of Western medical treatment, ethics, and philosophy through engaged learning, such as visiting Santa Maria Nuova in Florence, the oldest continuously operating hospital in the world, or taking a walking tour of indigenous medicine plants in the Italian countryside. The course allows a deep exploration of bioethical themes that underlie our sense of life and death, sickness, suffering, and healing, and themes such as justice, good governance, and equitable engagement in our societies.

The Summer in Italy program and TRACE are run under the auspices of the Ethics Center. To explore the TRACE program in more detail, please visit the TRACE Program website.

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