Jamila Garrett-Bell

Project Coordinator

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Jamila Garrett-Bell is the project coordinator responsible for collaborating with senior executive leadership to manage and execute multiple projects; provide business support related to external relations; strategic planning; operations; program development; and human resources overflow. Her gift for intuitively anticipating the needs of her colleagues is heightened by her ability to be a good listener. As a member of the management team, she is the 'glue' and is instrumental in promoting the center's team-based environment.

Prior to joining the Ethics Center in 2008, Garrett-Bell served in multiple positions during her six-year stint with Candler School of Theology. During that time, she was selected to facilitate two Community Dialogues for Emory University's Transforming Community Project, was appointed to Employee Council, and the President's Commission on Race and Ethnicity. Always a consummate professional—known for being 'eerily efficient'—her outstanding commitment and service to others garnered her the 2006–2007 Staff Person of the Year Award. Receiving the award was just another example of her results-driven strong work ethic.

Before returning to Atlanta from New York City, she was the associate producer and member of an award-winning commercial production company. Garrett-Bell also held positions in public relations/marketing and fundraising for an internationally known nonprofit committed to the well-being and development of vulnerable children.

Her creativity and passion for helping others is exemplified in the volunteer work she does with youth-focused organizations. She is an advisory board member of the YMCA Wade Walker and contributes to the Communication and Strategic Development committees of the Interfaith Children's Movement. A member of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Nonprofit University 2015 Class of High-Potential, Diverse Leaders, Garrett-Bell foresees utilizing her skills, experience, and training to lead organizations in their efforts to build stronger communities through outreach programs and initiatives.