Arri Eisen

Dr. Arri Eisen

Professor of Pedagogy
(404) 727-4354


Areas of Expertise:
Genomics and ethics
Research ethics
Responsible conduct in research education
Science education
Ethics of teaching and education
Science and religion
Buddhism and science

In addition to being on the Center faculty, Arri Eisen is a Professor of Pedagogy in Biology and in the Institute for Liberal Arts; he is also the Teaching Coordinator for FIRST, a National Institutes of Health-supported postdoctoral fellowship program in research and teaching, and a leader of the Emory Tibet Science Initiative, which has been working over the last decade with the Dalai Lama to educate Tibetan monks and nuns in science.

Dr. Eisen received his undergraduate degree in 1985 in biology with honors from UNC-Chapel Hill and his PhD in Biochemistry from UW-Seattle in 1990. He has been teaching at Emory since then and joined the Center in the late '90’s where his main responsibilities now include teaching in the Center's Master of Arts in Bioethics and in Emory's Master of Science in Clinical Research programs. Dr. Eisen publishes in the peer-reviewed literature in science, science education, and bioethics, as well as in the popular literature. His most recent book is The Enlightened Gene: Biology, Buddhism and the Convergence that Explains the World.