Health, Science & Ethics Pillar

The Health, Science, & Ethics Pillar is the largest in the Center for Ethics. We live in an era of the biomedicalization of life, where medical and biotechnological progress pose unprecedented ethical challenges.  How should we negotiate the challenges medical technology has created in how we are born, treat our illnesses, and die?  Who should guide us in the dilemmas posed by biotechnologies such as synthetic biology and genetics, our ability to micromanage our minds and moods with lifestyle drugs, or the integration of computer technologies into the human body?  The Health, Science, & Ethics Pillar includes the Master of Arts in Bioethics, the Bioethics Consultation Program, The Health Care Ethics Consortium, the Neuroethics Program, the Religion and Bioethics Initiative, Public Health Ethics, Religion and Public Health Collaborative, and teaching health and science ethics throughout the university.


Health Science and Ethics Program Opportunities:

March 17 & 18, 2016

HEC Annual Conference
"Are We Hearing Our Patients' Voices?"
Evergreen Conference Center
Stone Mountain Park