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The Emory Center for Ethics is dedicated to exploring how ethical issues underlie the decisions that shape our minds, lives, and society.

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The Emory Center for Ethics is an international leader in the exploration of ethics and is dedicated to exploring how ethical issues underlie the decisions that shape our minds, lives, and society. As the Ethics Center celebrates its 30th anniversary, the faculty and staff are positioning the center strategically to pursue its mission and vision in the most creative and effective way possible. Ensuring its financial sustainability and focusing on smart growth is essential to the center in achieving these goals. With a clear commitment to exemplary scholarship, innovative curricula, engaged teaching, collaboration with the community, and creative programming, the Ethics Center will continue to teach and inspire preeminent thought leaders in ethics as we enter the next phase of development and growth.

30th Anniversary of Emory Center for Ethics

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Center Events

July 7
“Post”-COVID-19 & Ethics webinar series
Ethics as a Resource During a Continually Evolving Public Health Emergency

The last few months have presented many challenges as transmission of COVID-19 affected individual patients, families, healthcare providers, healthcare systems, and our communities at large.   Healthcare providers have many stories to share addressing provision of care for increasing numbers of extremely ill patients, limitations on visitors, expansion of ICU bed availability, PPE access, an ever-evolving understanding of the virus, dedicated and weary staff, critical care resources, and more. Ethics has been, and continues to be, a resource in decision making around resource allocation processes, effective and transparent communication, provider safety in providing treatment, healthcare equity, and more.

Speakers include:
  • Mary Ann Bowman, MTS, Vice President, Corporate Ethics, Memorial University Medical Center
  • Jason Lesandrini, FACHE, LPEC, HEC-C, Assistant Vice President Ethics, Advance Care Planning and Spiritual Health
  • Anna Skold, MD, MPH, FACP, Palliative Care Chief, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group; KP-GA Physician Lead for Medical Ethics
  • Kevin Wack, JD, MA, MTS, HEC-C, Clinical Ethicist, Emory Healthcare
  • Facilitator, Kathy Kinlaw, MDiv, HEC-C,  Associate Director, Emory University Center for Ethics; Director, Healthcare Ethics Consortium; Lead Ethicist, Emory Healthcare 

April 15
When Resources are Limited, What Would an Ethicist Do?
Exclusive Webinar 

Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, Director of the Center for Ethics and President of the Association of Bioethics Program Directors, and Kathy Kinlaw, Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Chief Clinical Ethicist at Emory, will discuss the unique ethical challenges of triage, ventilator allocation, DNR orders, and other difficult decisions related to treatment of COVID-19, and how hospitals locally and across the nation are handling these challenges.

In an exclusive interview, Wolpe and Kinlaw will share information that is important to all of us as we negotiate the difficult decisions of this ongoing pandemic.

Moderated by John Banja, Medical Ethicist, Center for Ethics and Professor, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine.

February 12
Bullets & Nooses: Artist Conversation

Time: 12 - 1 PM
Location: Ethics & the Arts Gallery, Center for Ethics 1531 Dickey Dr.
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Join us and artist Derrick Phillips Sr. for a conversation about his exhibit. "Bullets & Nooses" addresses the parallels between gun violence/police shootings and lynching. The two acts of brutality are essentially the same, just taking place in different periods within American history. During this event, Phillips Sr. will speak about this exhibit, the parallels he draws, and the nature of his work. Audience questions and engagement will be welcomed and encouraged.