About the Center

Ethics is a discipline that seeks to understand human behavior in relation to values. Ethicists carefully and critically explore how we think about and determine right and wrong and analyze the standards and motivations that govern personal and group action.

Ethics forms the basis of almost all personal decision making, whether we are aware of it or not. The same is true of decision making in professional life, including business, law, and medicine; in civil and political life; and in matters of social justice.

An international leader in the exploration of ethics, the Emory Ethics Center is dedicated to exploring how ethical issues underlie the decisions that shape our minds, lives, and society. To do so, scholars from across the university gather at the center to collaborate and study. The Center also hosts public programs, partners and consults with private and public community organizations, and teaches students at every level of university life. Emory's renowned ethicists are committed to asking tough questions and developing strategies to help enable people and organizations to put ethics into practice.

Strategic Plan


Fostering Integrity through Ethical Engagement

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