Advancing Humanity with Ethical AI

The remarkable advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise unprecedented advantages—in commerce, medicine, and our everyday lives. However, the development of AI also is fraught with challenges. The Center for Ethics is an emerging leader in the ethics of AI as highlighted by our faculty’s recent scholarship, publications, and presentations.

A particular area of interest for our director, Dr. Paul Root Wolpe, is what he calls Deep Ethics. AI platforms can be deeply biased, misguided, or lack transparency. As they have increasing control over our lives, AI itself will begin making moral decisions with real impact on our lives; we are entering the age of Moral Machines. It is important that we develop ethical guidelines to shape AI as we integrate it into our lives.

One of our most requested speaking topics is AI, examples of which you can find here.  

We invite you to watch as Dr. Root Wolpe speaks to the essential role of ethics in the development of artificial intelligence.

Center for Ethics AI, Radiology and Ethics Podcast Series

The most recent generation of artificial intelligence technologies is introducing a host of ethical problems to radiology practice and health care delivery. Join Dr. John Banja, a medical ethicist at Emory University’s Center for Ethics, and his guests discuss the ethical challenges that artificial intelligence presents. This podcast is made possible by grants from the Advanced Radiology Services Foundation and the National Institutes of Health National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

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