AI and Radiology

doctor holding an X-Ray

John D. Banja Ph.D., medical ethicist at the Center for Ethics, was recently awarded a two-year grant from the Advanced Radiology Services Foundation. The grant will fund research, articles, and podcasts in the field of radiology as it relates to the ethics of artificial intelligence.

There has been rumbling in the radiology field around artificial intelligence, in particular, that AI will replace radiologists. Dr. Banja has said that doesn’t appear likely; although AI can indeed help radiologists read images that’s only a sliver of a radiologist’s job function. And even though AI can read the images and make recommendations we must incorporate ethics into AI – what happens when an image is read incorrectly and the recommendation is wrong? We will dive into this, and more, during this grant.  

Also included in our work is the creation of a new journal: Ethics, AI & Radiology. More to come on this.

Dr. Banja, principal investigator of the grant, will be teaming up with Emory radiologist Rich Duszak Jr, MD, and Norm Beauchamp Jr, MD, MHS, dean at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.