Core Competencies

Upon successful completion of the program, students in the Master of Arts in Bioethics will have enhanced their skills in the following areas:

Competency 1:  Demonstrate critical analysis of bioethical issues

  • 1a: Identify bioethical issues in healthcare practices, systems, policies, and laws
  • 1b: Differentiate between bioethical, religious, cultural, medical, legal, and social issues
  • 1c: Assess or analyze bioethical issues
  • 1d: Differentiate between personal and professional values, actions, and development especially for those who hold multiple professional roles
  • 1e: Make recommendations based on bioethical issues       

Competency 2:  Develop robust moral arguments

  • 2a: State a clear position on a moral issue
  • 2b: Provide substantive, compelling justification for the position
  • 2c: Anticipate and address objections and rebuttals to the line
    of argumentation

Competency 3:  Communicate well

  • 3a: Write clearly and communicate ideas effectively
  • 3b: Articulate ideas clearly and effectively in verbal presentations