Non-Degree Seeking Students

Every year, the Master of Arts in Bioethics program offers standalone elective courses available to non-degree seeking students and professionals interested in the social and ethical challenges to healthcare, public health and the life sciences.  These courses can be particularly attractive to Emory University employees (including faculty and staff in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health) because the Emory University courtesy scholarship can cover all tuition fees.

In order to apply to study one of our standalone courses without being a MA in Bioethics degree student, you will need to apply to be non-degree seeking students.

  • For the Spring 2022 term, the deadline is January 4, 2022.
  • For the Summer 2022 term, the deadline is May 11, 2022.

Students who successfully complete these standalone courses may apply to transfer credits to the MA in Bioethics program should they later apply to and be admitted to the MA in Bioethics program.

For more information about non-degree courses, please email: