Ethics Minor

Introduced in spring 2003, the Ethics Minor is a multidepartmental program designed to complement all students’ major programs as well as provide enhanced preparation for graduate and professional studies in numerous fields, including law, nursing, medicine, and business.

Students pursuing the Ethics Minor must complete five courses in ethics, one required course, “Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 115)” and four electives drawn from courses across the College.  The list of approved electives is below.  Students may substitute courses with substantial ethical content for up to two of the electives upon approval by the Ethics Minor supervisor.

Students can declare the Ethics Minor through OPUS under the Course Planning and Enrollment tile. This form will display the student's current academic plan, and students may request to add, remove, or change a major, minor, or concentration from that page.

Courses in the Ethics Minor

Required foundation course: Philosophy 115: Introduction to Ethics

Plus any four of the following:

  • Anthropology 385S: Anthropology and Human Rights
  • Biology 470S: Special Topics: Animal Cloning: Biology and Ethics
  • Business 439: Business Ethics
  • Environmental Studies 350: Environmental Thought: Ethics, Philosophy, and Issues
  • IDS 306: Theories of Justice
  • Journalism 430: Journalism History and Ethics
  • Philosophy 116: Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
  • Philosophy 119: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Philosophy 319: Military Ethics
  • Philosophy 415: Ethics
  • Philosophy 482: Ethics and International Affairs
  • Religion 322: Religion and Sexuality
  • Religion 323: Death and Dying
  • Religion 329: Religion and Ecology
  • Religion 330. Evil: Social Scientific Approaches
  • Religion 354R: Ethics (Multiple Religious Traditions)
  • Religion 360: Evil: Philosophical-Literary Approaches
  • Religion 380R: Internship in Religion
  • Sociology 389S: Applied Social Responsibility


Edward Queen

Associate Teaching Professor; Director, D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Servant Leadership (EASL)