Director's Welcome

"Welcome to the website for the Master of Arts (MA) in Bioethics program at Emory University, one of the leading programs of its kind in the country. When I moved from Cambridge to Atlanta back in 2016 to become Director of Emory’s MA in Bioethics program, I knew I was joining a Center for Ethics that was rich with educational opportunities. After I arrived, I saw the truth of this first-hand, seeing how students and alumni grow and flourish through their education at Emory. I have tried to highlight different facets of our program below, but there is only so much that website text can convey. If you want to find out more, please reach out to organize a visit or schedule a time to speak. I look forward to hearing from you!" - Gerard Vong

Emory’s Master of Arts in Bioethics program includes distinguished faculty teaching rigorous award-winning courses, opportunities for immersive practicum experiences with varied institutional partners, and diverse students ranging in age, experience, academic and professional trajectory.

No matter if you are interested in clinical medicine, nursing, law and public policy, public health, the humanities, or business, the field of bioethics is relevant to your life and career.  From beginning of life to end of life, from surprising tragic emergencies to foreseeable climate change, from neurotechnologies to national policies—situations constantly arise that challenge our assumptions, values, resources, and capacities.  We individually and collectively must make tough bioethical choices. 

The MA in Bioethics will prepare you to think carefully about such ethical dilemmas, to develop robust arguments, and to propose compelling responses.  These will be precious skills relevant no matter where you go or what you do, and no matter what stage of life and career you are at.

Proof of the power of this program is found in our alumni.  Some alumni gained entrance into competitive MD, JD, MPH, and PhD programs around the world.  Others have assumed leadership roles in their departments or organizations.  Some now serve as clinical ethicists, lawyers, nurses, physicians, public health professionals, regulation and compliance managers. 

Want to apply?  The application process is fairly straightforward, and there are options for undergraduates interested in the 4+1 degree and those interested in dual degrees with Divinity, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Public Health.  If you are enrolled in a PhD program and want to pursue a Certificate in Bioethics, contact us.  We offer a range of support for applicants, including those from diverse and historically underrepresented backgrounds. 

Want to learn more about the MA in Bioethics?  Poke around our program’s website, as well as the website for the Center for Ethics, which offers an array of ethics-focused events and programs.


Gerard Vong, D.Phil.

Director, Master of Arts in Bioethics | Laney Graduate School
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine