Vong Research

Selected Publication List

Dr. Vong’s research focuses on the fair, ethical and systematic allocation of benefits, risks and scarce resources (with a particular focus on scarce healthcare goods).  Dr. Vong pursues both single-authored theoretical research in moral philosophy and bioethics as well as collaborative interdisciplinary research.

Moral Philosophy

Vong, Gerard. ‘Weighing Up Weighted Lotteries: Scarcity, Overlap Cases, and Fair Inequalities of Chance. Ethics, Vol. 130, No. 3, 320-348. (featured for academic discussion in the Ethics official blog, Philosophy, Ethics, Academia)

Vong, Gerard. ‘Measuring A Neglected Type of Lottery UnfairnessEconomics and Philosophy, 2018, Vol. 34, No. 01, pp. 67-86

Vong, Gerard. ‘Making Non-Transitive Betterness BehaveJournal of Moral Philosophy, 2018, Vol. 15, Issue. 5, pp. 495-515

Vong, Gerard. ‘Fairness, Benefiting by Lottery and the Chancy Satisfaction of Moral Claims’. Utilitas, 2015, Vol. 27, No. 04, pp. 470-486

Conceptual/Theoretical Bioethics

Vong, Gerard. ‘Promoting the sustainability of healthcare resources with existing ethical principles: scarce COVID-19 medications, vaccines and principled parsimony.’ Journal of Medical Ethics, 2021, Vol. 47, No.2 pp. 104-105.

Martin, Dominique; Harris, David; Jha, Vivekanand; Segantini, Luca; Demme, Richard; Le, Thu; McCann, Laura, Sands, Jeff; Vong, Gerard; Wolpe, Paul; Fontana, Monica; London, Gerard; Vanderhaegen, Bert; Vanholder, Raymond ‘Ethical challenges in nephrology: a call for actionNature Reviews Nephrology. 2020, Vol. 16, pp. 603-613

Vong, Gerard & Levinson, Meira. ‘The ethics of risk displacement in research and    public policy’ Bioethics, 2020, Vol. 34 Issue. 09.

Vong, Gerard.The Purported Procurement Priority of Lifesaving Organs over Non-lifesaving Organs: Uterus Transplants & The Ethical Importance of Potential LivesAmerican Journal of Bioethics, 2018, Vol. 18, No.7, pp. 25-26.

Vong, Gerard.The Distinct and Complementary Roles of Procedural and Outcome-based Justice in Health PolicyAmerican Journal of Bioethics, 2018, Vol.18, No.3, pp.59-60.

Vong, Gerard. ‘The Ethical Asymmetry Between a Head/Body Transplant and Multiple Organ Transplants: Overall Health, Justice and RiskAmerican Journal of Bioethics (Neuroscience), 2017, Vol.8, No.4, pp.217-219       

Empirical Ethics & Bioethics

Ahmad, Samera; Vong, Gerard; Pentz, Rebecca; Dixon, Margie; Davis, Keenan; Khalifa, Yousuf. ‘Ethics in Eye Banking: Understanding Professional Attitudes Toward Industry Changes’Cornea. 2020, Vol. 39, No. 10, pp. 1207-1214

Brahmbhatt, M., Yeung, H., Vong, G., Allbritton, J., Amin, B., Dulaney, E. D., ... & Stoff, B. K. ‘Ethical and Professionalism Issues in Dermatopathology: A Cross‐Sectional Survey of American Society of Dermatopathology Members.’ Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 2021, Vol. 48 No. 6.

Liao, Matthew; Alexander, Joshua; Wiegman, Alex; Vong, Gerard. 'Putting the Trolley in Order: Experimental Philosophy and the Loop Case’. Philosophical Psychology, 2012, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp. 661-671