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The Neuroethics Program is an interdisciplinary group of scholars working at the intersection of neuroscience, ethics, and society. The program is a resource and guide analyzing and informing responsible applications of neuroscience in research, the clinic, and society. We engage and activate our community in neuroethics discourse through community outreach, education, research, and consulting. To keep up with the latest neuroethics events and opportunities, please subscribe to our listserv.

Our blog brings together experts from across the globe to collaborate and discuss timely topics. Neuroethics is a rapidly growing field that explores how neuroscience and neurotechnologies inform our values. The blog—updated weekly—serves as an interactive discussion and critique of the issues within this field.

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The Neuroethics Program aspires to ensure and maximize positive societal impact of existing and emerging neurotechnologies.

What We Do

The Neuroethics Program has three primary initiatives:

Education and Outreach

  • Create innovative educational resources in neuroethics.
  • Disseminate neuroethics curricula and instructional materials to students, staff, and faculty at Emory and at other universities.
  • Provide fellowships and other opportunities for training and education in neuroethics.
  • Create public programs to educate the community about neuroethical issues.

Research and Scholarship

  • Promote innovative research at the intersection of neuroscience and ethics, and generate and disseminate scholarly interdisciplinary work.
  • Provide fellowships for doctoral research, and host conferences and workshops facilitating neuroethics discourse and scholarship.

Advising and Consulting

  • Provide neuroethics consultations with reagrd to policy and for lawmakers, corporate and not-for-profit organizations, and scientists and clinical service providers.

Get Involved

Do you want to get involved in our program? Below are the available opportunities.

Neuroethics Interns

We accept undergraduate interns (through federal work-study) periodically and undergraduate and graduate editorial interns for AJOB Neuroscience. Please contact us at for more information.

Neuroethics Ambassadors

Ambassadors are designated members from a variety of departments who assist in connecting their peers to the Emory Neuroethics Program and upcoming events. Want to be an ambassador for your program? Please contact Privileges include priority seating at events and the opportunity to write for The Neuroethics Blog.


Karen Rommelfanger

Neuroethics Program Director

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Paul Root Wolpe

Director, Center for Ethics

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Gillian Hue

Program Coordinator, Initiative to Maximize Student Development

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